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1. Why I select 'bandhan'?
Bandhan will not just unite two hands into one but also provides equal harmony between two equivalent minds,two different beliefs,two separate mentalities and this bring two families closer with their own culture and heritage.Bandhan tries to make a perfect adjustment between the choices of both the sides.
2.What are the special system in Bandhan?
Our special systems are perfect matchmaking,personal sitting arrangement, free councilling, profile developed as soon as possible.
3.How can i register in 'Bandhan'?
Fillout the required information in the Registration page and click on the submit button, in home page you will find a link to Registration page,also you can come to our office and fill up the manual form.
4. Can I register in 'Bandhan' for free?
Of course you can register free but you can't access all services of Bandhan.
5. Can I skip any field on the registration form or when creating my profile?
You can skip some fields while creating your profile. Remember that you have to give details in mandatory fields.
6. Can I register a profile on behalf of a relative or friend?
Of course you can! Specify your relationship with the person. But make sure that you are providing all correct details.
7. What are the benifits of registering in 'Bandhan'?
Following listed are some of the unique features provided by Bandhan:
  • Create your profile & photo album.
  • Matchmaking services.
  • Help in searching & shortlisting profiles.
  • Personal sitting arrangement in our office ( if both sides are interested).
  • Best councilling
  • Expert guidence.
  • Safe & secure database.
8. How can I search for profiles in Bandhanmarriage.com?
In home page you will find a option 'search your partner'. Then you can fill up your requirement, after that you can see your selective partner's profile against your criteria. Also you can come to our office for manual album search.
9. How do I search for profiles through id?
Just click on 'View Profile Id' option on home page and enter profile id.then you can see a particular profile.
10. What is the ' Personal Sitting Arrangement '?
BANDHAN' tries to make a perfect adjustment between the choices of both the sides. And for this, 'BANDHAN' has adopted a unique ' Personal Sitting Arrangement '. We select the best candidate for you. We would give you an opportunity to know the person in a much better way. In the sitting the Bride, the groom and the guardians of both the sides will sit together, discuss among themselves and select their Groom or Bride accordingly. After the conference the guardians become satisfied and two souls are united into one.
11. How can I edit my profile?
All users can change their profile. Firstly you should inform our office then we will edit your profile.
12. How can I change my photo?
Yes you can change your photo. You should give your photo to our office. We will upload your photo in your profile.
13.How many photos can I add as a free or paid membership?
As a free or paid member you can add upto 10 photos to your profile.
14. How can I delete my profile?
You can't delete your profile. After negotiation we will delete your profile from our database.
15. What are different payment options available at ' Bandhan'?
To become a paid member you can use the different options like cash, cheque, draft, money order, bank transfer etc.
16. How can I add my success story in bandhanmarriage.com?
On the home page you will find the option of ' success story ', then click on ' post your success story' you can fill in your details and provide your story. Click on submit button to complete.
17. Can I take the franchise of Bandhan in my city?
Yes you can take the franchise of Bandhan. But for that you have to meet the requirements and fulfil the criteria by Bandhan management. To get more information, please contact Bandhan Team.
Welcome to Bandhan Marriage